The Planning Team

The resident steering committee is overseeing the planning process, working as a body to ensure that what is put into the final plan is representative of what the people of Ferguson want to to see in their community.

The steering committee members are:

Samuel Adams
Plan Commission

Carita Douglas
Ferguson Special Business District

James Knowles
Plan Commission

Ronald Brown
Ferguson Farmers Market

Fran Griffin
City Council (Ward 3)

Scott Negwer
Negwer Materials Inc

Joshura Davis
Ferguson-Dellwood West Florissant Bus. Assoc.

Ella Jones
City Council (Ward 1)

Donald Stevenson
Forestwood Neighborhood Group

Together with City departments, City Council, and the Plan Commission, the City and resident steering committee is working with team a team of planning and community development consultants to lead the OurFerguson process:

City of Ferguson

The City
The City of Ferguson, including the City Council, The Planning Commission, City Staff, and many others, are an integral partner in the planning process.

Development Strategies

Planning Lead
St. Louis-based Development Strategies is an interdisciplinary planning, community development, and real estate consulting firm. Our mission is to guide investments in people, places, and buildings that help communities prosper.


Project Partner
Rise is a community development nonprofit that has been operating in the St. Louis metro area for over 20 years. With a mission to build “more equitable St. Louis Area Neighborhoods”, Rise does both the physical development as well as planning and local organizational capacity building.