The OurFerguson2040 Comprehensive Plan.

The adopted OurFerguson2040 Comprehensive Plan is available for download at the link below, both as a full document and in individual chapters.

This plan is the product of countless conversations with the Ferguson community and its partners, including the Plan Commission, City Council, neighborhood leaders, small business owners, regional government agencies, property owners, nonprofit organizations, and other community leaders and residents. This document offers a vision for what Ferguson aspires to be, and will serve as a long-range policy guide for decision making about investments in services, infrastructure, staff, and programs. It is also a tool to guide collaboration by the City’s partners, highlighting where their investment and participation is needed.

Full OurFerguson2040 Plan Document


Process & Engagement

Housing & Neighborhoods Plan

Transportation & Mobility Plan

Jobs & Economy Plan

Environment & Wellbeing Plan

Development Plan

Place & Character Plan


Below are links to several additional presentations and other documents that helped frame conversations around challenging issues and exciting opportunities, and ultimately shaped the plan document itself.

Community Workshop #1 Presentation

Community Workshop #2 Presentation

Community Workshop #2 Data Boards

Community Workshop #3 Presentation

Community Workshop #3 Boards

If you have any questions about the plan, please reach out to Elliot Liebson, Director of Planning and Development, at