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Join us for public working meeting #2 on Monday, October 21st at the Ferguson Community Empowerment Center!

Analysis will focus on the economy, neighborhood conditions, housing, open space, transportation, development, and quality of life.

Inform the process. Participate in the Ferguson Resident Survey!

The success of OurFerguson depends on giving a voice to the people who live, work and play there! To aide in this effort, two surveys are available to take online (as well as in person): a youth survey for those 21 and younger, as well as a Community Aspirations survey without an age limitation.

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OurFerguson is the City’s first comprehensive planning effort since 1997, and an opportunity for the Ferguson community to create a unified vision for its future. Learning about comprehensive planning and how it affects the future of Ferguson will help.

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Ferguson. Some Quick Facts.

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Population Younger than 18

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